Information about the program

CANADA is the country that is considered to be one of the most developed world countries with stable and progressive economics and this way it provides the high level of income per one citizen. Active development of Canadian agriculture has been leading to the necessity for foreign qualified workers for many years. Because of this fact, Canadian agricultural enterprises actively attract necessary specialists from other countries. Employment is fulfilled sticking to Canadian labour legislation. Workers get reasonable wages, are provided with accommodation and safe work conditions and have the right to use the complete set of social guarantees.

Company Agristaff Canada will provide you with efficient assistance in employment employment in the agricultural sector of Canada and offers you a wide choice of vacancies including:

– dairy farms;
– beef production farms with meat specialization;
– crop farms and farms specialized in different agricultural grains;
– pig farms with different production cycles;
– chicken farms with meat and eggs specialization;
– other kinds of farms.

Kinds of work on the farms of Canada::


  • Animal feeding

  • Animal health condition monitoring

  • Animal vaccinating

  • Animal transportation

  • Milking cows (dairy farms)

  • Milk quality control (dairy farms)

  • Animal loading assistance

  • Castration (pig farms)

  • Assistance in farrowing (pig farms)

  • Sow insemination (pig farms)

  • Washing and cleaning the rooms

  • Field works

  • Agricultural equipment maintenance

  • Work on agricultural machinery


First two years of work the salary is from 12 to 20 Canadian dollars per hour, that is approximately 2500 – 3000 dollars per month after paying the taxes. After being officially employed and getting immigration documents workers to get about 20-25 Canadian dollars per hour. The working day lasts 8 hours, 5 days a week with possibility to work overtime.


Employer provides all workers with accommodation not far from the workplace. If the accommodation is quite far from the workplace, the employer will provide the employee with a work car. Each accommodation has everything that is necessary for providing a comfortable life. The rental payment for accommodation is from 200 to 800 Canadian dollars per month depending on the province of Canada and the size of the house.


Each worker is given a vacation once or two times a year. The duration of vacation depends on the province and maybe 2-3 weeks per year. In some cases, vacation duration can be up to one month depending on an arrangement with the employer.

Social Security:

All the workers are provided with a complete packet of social guarantees. After being registered in social insurance enterprise of the province, the worker gets medical insurance in accordance with the requirements of current legislation of Canada. They get the right for free medical service and in some cases for free dental service.

Term of programme preparation:

The term from the beginning of preparing the programme to the time of going to the workplace on average is from 3 to 6 months and depends on your English level and work experience.