Canada is the country for making your dreams come true!

Canada is a country moving to which attracts many people including citizens of Ukraine. A stable economy of Canada, life only according to norms that are regulated by law, ideal social standards, qualitative education and a quite high level of life all together make Canada one of the most popular directions for labour migration in the world. Every year hundreds of thousands of people from different countries try to get to Canada and get the residence permit and hopefully even Canadian citizenship.

Why is immigration definitely to Canada number one choice for Ukrainians? Ukrainians can reasonably account for work in Canada, moreover there are numerous immigration programmes in the country. The Canadian government announced the increase in a number of people who have the right to get a permanent residence permit for the next few years. That is why in Canada there are a lot of programmes for different potential immigrants: with a work visa, immigration as a lorry driver or a doctor, immigration for a young family or for a bachelor till the age of forty, getting permanent residence permit after studying in Canada.

Main criterias for immigration to Canada

You will be able to evaluate your chances for immigration toby filling in by questionary that is given below «Questionary for evaluating your chances for immigration». The minimal point that can testify your high chances for immigration to Canada is 270 points.

  • Language skills
  • Education
  • Age
  • Work experience
  • Invitation to work
  • Ability to adapt

Immigration to Canada service fee is from 4000 to 6000 USD and depends on the number of criterias.

Service cost includes:

  • English or French language exam
  • Diplomas verification
  • Fee for immigration application gradation
  • Medical check up
  • Fee for the right of permanent residence in Canada
  • Visa centre services
  • Immigration consultant services

Questionary for evaluating your chances for immigration
Minimum score to start the immigration process is 270
Level of English proficiency
Level of French proficiency
Work experience in Canada
Work experience in Ukraine and other countries
Nomination from the province
Employment Contract
Secondary Education in Canada
Higher Education in Canada
Sister/Brother in Canada
Invitation to work
Your total score