Collaboration Algorithm


Evaluation of your employment possibilities

To start analysing your employment possibilities open the tab «To start employment process in Canada» and fill in the questionary. The employment possibility fully depends on the fact how real the information that you type in is. After filling in the questionary our specialist will check the data you have provided and will make a conclusion as for your chances to be employed.


Interview with Agristaff Canada representative

In accordance with the result of your questionary analysis our specialists will contact you following the contact information that you mention in the questionary. After discussion of all the details you will get an appointment for having an interview in English.


Interview in English

At the arranged time you will have interview in English for defining your English level.


Documents preparation

On this stage the representative of our company will provide you with the list of all necessary documents, required for future employment.


English language exam (IELTS)

The next step of your employment is obligatory passing the IELTS exam. Minimal satisfactory result for successful passing this exam is 4,5 points (average point on 4 modules). For successful passing this exam we can offer you to take preparation courses for IELTS exam.


Concluding an agreement with company Agristaff Canada about providing their services

On this stage concluding an Agreement about service providing between company Agristaff Canada and client is fulfilled. An Agreement is concluded in two copies, one for each of the parties.


Interview with the employer and giving the vacancy to the client

General term from the beginning of application to giving the vacancy to the client is from 3 months up to 6 months. After successful interview with the employer you will sign a work contract for the term of two years.


Documents application for Visa preparation

After concluding the work contract with the employer a set of documents for visa preparation will be prepared with the help of our specialists. Visa fee is 155 Canadian dollars and is paid by the client. The term of documents processing for getting visa from 1 month to two months.


Medical check up

In 2 or 3 weeks after documents application for getting a visa, Canadian embassy gives you the direction for medical check up that can be performed in Kyiv City or in Lviv City. Having medical check up does not take a lot of time.


Getting a visa and flight

After processing and approving your application you will be invited to visa centre in Kyiv City for getting your photo put into passport. This procedure will take from 3 to 7 days. At the same time with the help of our specialists the date of flight is agreed with the employer. After getting visa and the ticket you fly to Canada.
To start the process of employment in Canada